The only helping hand.

The mind itself is a beautiful disaster. Illusions and dreams alike, it ventures to dimensions and realms of unbent thoughts and hard felt realizations. The past experiences have dawned upon him and have ceased him from ever returning to the light ever.

It was funny. I was wandering in the darkness, as usual and a portal of light opened up. A breach, that had a force of good. It pulled me and there…was a hand. She had brought me back to the light and had overlooked all the scars and demonic residues the darkness had left. Marks and wounds plastered on my face, she rubbed it with her tender hands and suddenly, her touch was healing and soothing. And then it happened. A storm had arrived. She had to escape and I had to let her go, for her life. Since the love was real, her life and safety were the only things that mattered the most to me. She, is my world..and I couldn’t see it being shattered or destroyed. I was taken by the storm and it plunged me back deep into the darkness. My heart became hollow again and my soul, deceived. I was pulled back into the light to be thrown into this pit of darkness, again. I was brought back to the light to be blinded by it.

The world is huge. It is actually a lot bigger than we assume it to be, stretching forth the seas, oceans and landscapes. The vast population comes with mixtures of emotions and deep feelings. The tired, sad, exhausted and “lost all the hope in the world” type of people. Giving in more than 100% of yourself for something that you cannot imagine to lose ever, while people that you have been fighting for couldn’t fathom out the effort. People say a lot of things.
“No matter what happens, you will never truly be happy.”
“Never lose that heart, kid. I know people who’ve had that and never returned to the light.”
“You can’t lock up the darkness.”
“There are people in this world who deal only in extremes. It’s naive to think that anything less than extreme measures will stop them”
“I know people with none of that, worth 10 of you.”

There are times when you fail to express how you’re feeling. At times like these, miraculously, the words tend to find their way through another being. The ability to understand someone’s misery by keeping them in mind is truly an art. The human mind can create delusional paths as well as large monuments.

The thoughts rooted his mind to the dimensions of darkness, preventing the light. But then there were only a few. They made absolute sense because they, understood what it had meant, all along.

The Sword of Souls

“Everybody has their own battles to fight. We just look around us. To know if we might be outnumbered or back stabbed.”
She was out of her breath as she gored through the last branch. To her absolute disgust, another herd of pairdemons stormed in her way. Tired as she was and as heavy the sword was, she just stopped for a moment to recollect something. She travelled down the dimensions of her mind.

“We have come a long way, you and I. You’ve been fighting your own battles, your own wars. You’ve been victorious all by yourself, with your own heart and soul. The heart and soul that you possess in you are the ones of the people you love the most in the entire universe. The heart of your mother and the soul of your father. Look around you. You’ve come this far. The battles may never seem to end, but never lose your heart and soul. If there is one thing that has been with you so far, all your life….you know what it is and if you don’t now, you surely will know one day. You will feel it.”

Warrior face on. Sword held tight in her grip as she fought through the storm and sliced and stabbed at everything that was dark and huge. It was taking so much out of her, it was exhausting. But her heart forced her not to give up. Her soul protected her from any dark possession that could force her to give up to the darkness. It was the battle for her world.

The grip of her hands weakened as she let go off the handle. The sword hit the ground with a clang and her knees gave way. With the support of the sword plowed to the ground, she slowly got to her feet. As tears rolled down her cheek with her smile wide as never before, she recalled events. Events of the past. Restoring the faith in herself which was entirely shattered by the outsiders.

A weak smile and a sense of euphoria, her face was kissed by the rising sun, slowly swallowing the cloud of darkness caused by the pairdemons as the breeze gushed through, soothing her heart and soul.

“And when you are victorious, the sun shall rise and you will bask in the glory. And when a breeze follows, you’ll know. You will know that this is the moment.”


We all have two sides to ourselves.
For the better or the worst of the worst.
The dark soul within channels negativeness and brings one to a world never seen or heard of.
Demons within and darkness in the depths of his soul, he got out of his heavy heart and dragged himself out of his sorrow and grief.

Into a world full of demons, befriending fiends and monsters who seemed unfamiliar. With no heart at all, the venom of the dark matter pulled him deeper into its demonic roots, blinding him in the process.
There was no gasp for air and there surely wasn’t an attempt for struggle. The night was dark and full of terrors. But there was no fear, as he was one of them now.



The Fallen Feather

Growing up came along with mastering the ability to get close to somebody without letting them to see what lies within you. Life has been a harsh teacher about attachments and expectations. Attachment is a great fabricator of illusions.  I’m not sure if I can ever go back to the naive enthusiasm that was one felt when I met somebody new. The excitement has been replaced by lingering cynicism, knowing that they will eventually leave, just a matter of when. Still don’t know if it is a good quality or a bad one, but it comes with knowing me. Don’t get attached to me, don’t let me do the same. All things have a season and every season has to come to an end.

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He was here, waiting for someone, anxiously. It had been ages since he had last appeared here, with every fragment of his memory with the place attached. Partying after school, awaiting results and gathering for many other great moments. Lost in thought and memories combined, the place was greeted with soft footsteps and he smiled before he knew who was coming.

She smiled wide when she saw him and his heart skipped a beat as he saw her. Dress beautifully, she was very happy that after all these years, nothing never changed between them and that he was the same idiot that she had known all her life. They had chased each other at Hal’s gardens during their entire school life and…

The atmosphere was instantly filled with laughter as they recalled good times and the embarrassing moments then and how it had hanged their life now. They went on talking for hours, praying for time to cease as they had enjoyed every moment of it.

She went on laughing and he stopped slowly as his eyes set on something that went unnoticed for so long. Her smile, the sparkle in her eyes. She was really happy. The world was moving around so fast that everything required a scientific explanation. But this, her smile..Her beautiful smile. This cannot be science.  And as his world seemed happy, at last. He was….dazzled.


The night was dark and full of grief. Everything during this time was perfect. The cliffs, the beach sand and everything else. All so still, but still so cold. The only rebellious part of this area were the waves that were rebellious. They died as soon as they had hit the sand region of the beach and then would go back to regroup into a stronger tide.

The waves were separated as he was walking there, thinking about a way to get his feet wet. This surely wasn’t the time. And neither was it the perfect occasion.

He was here to throw it all out, everything he was feeling about right now. Whatever had happened this past week, was well..not anything great at all. Shredded memories and broken hearts alike, he walked on by, greeting the waves with his bare feet. He winced in pain as he stepped over a something that had a jagged edge. “Love.” he thought. Love always has had loose ends, with jagged edges. As he bent down to have a closer look, the thing that had hurt him, it was a crystal. A bright crystal that beautifully overshadowed the darkness of the night and the beach. He got hold of the crystal before the waves took it away and he felt a base. It was a ring and it was sadly very familiar as it tore him apart into fragments on the inside. As much as it did break him on the inside, it gave him some motivation. That motivation could be used for the better good, for people who need it. He could help, in becoming a part of the better world, where good prevails over the evil. It would also help him become a better man at everything he had worked for. He looked one last time at the ring and chucked it far away, into the dark sea. “So, guess my heart’s not the only thing sinking.” he thought as he made his way to his car, a motivated, but changed man.

A storm of hearts

It was raining hard. The clouds were in battle and the thunderclap echoed over the area.

He stopped his car and stepped out, where he was greeted with a storm of chilly wind and raindrops, alike.  A gate was thrown into sight, as he pulled out a heavy key. The sound of creaking metal went unnoticed as another thunderclap echoed and the gates revealed a villa.

He opened the door with a heavy heart as he entered the dark, quiet and dead place. He was looking for a lever which was protected by a box and he cranked it down. With a deep breath, he proceeded to push one of the few switches on the wall.

The light filled the room and everything was now visible. He could see bits of the past and bits of the uncertain future.

And there he saw it, resting on a table. In fact, every table had it, a photo frame.

In the frame was an image of what they could have been and the future that shall never be.

There…was the past.

But where would they exist….where would the generation and the place he would call home fit into the future, without her?

That was his only purpose in life, working hard for now, building a future, where they’d live with their generations to follow.

But this was no happy ending to a fairytale. Hell, it wasn’t even a fairytale.

Every side table had that one image. She was absolutely happy in that, loving every minute with him.

With every possible emotion, he collected everything that showed a sign of his existence and shoved it into a bag.

But in the future, it would never exist.

With shattered dreams and broken hearts alike.

He stared back at the house for one last time and turned the electricity down.

The door shut behind him, to the future that would never survive. To the future, that changed him forever.

With the rain pouring down hard on him, heart heavier than his head, a different, changed man walked out of the house. He thrust the bag into his back seat, looked at the villa for one last time….and drove away into the storm.

*The end*

That sight of her smiling, enjoying the breeze as it touched her skin was beyond words. Despite being through everything, she still had a smile over her face. That very pale face that had once grieved over a person who did not deserve a gem. It was yesterday when she had walked by, wanting to talk about something. She was hurt and hurt badly but it was not the time to discuss about hurt feelings. Her neck showing signs of torture throughout and at that instant, I had lost it. She just kept me from leaving, explaining that revenge was not meant for the good. And when I looked at her face, I could see that she was the bravest girl I had ever known in my life.

A trip down memory lane as we remembered our old times and silly things that were done in school. Running after each other and every kind of childish stuff young best friends would do, together. Somewhere between this phase, we grew up.

*fast forward to the present day*

And now it had come to this, I would do everything for her to stay happy, at the expense of my own..buried feelings. She couldn’t hold it and burst to tears, right away. It was his duty to keep her happy now as he hugged her tightly. “It will be OK, it will be alright.” he said, trying to reassure her. His gaze fell upon the bleeding dusk sky as he murmured.. “It will be…okay.” thinking about his recently abandoned feelings for her…


New Dawn

He loved it, the way it hit back at him. The winds, always trying to retaliate against his now motionless self. This side of the city was beautiful, silent and dark with the waves crashing against the cliffs. But the heart is the real thing that was being slammed over and over again, never bracing for impact. He just sat there for hours, watching midnight bleed into sunrise as he was lost in his own chain of thoughts. And as the skies cleared out, everything made sense now. It was a new dawn.

She raised her head and looked around. The world seemed dead, for a while. Everything had ceased and she was surrounded with pale and horror struck faces. It had happened.
There was nothing in the world that could fix this, nothing at all. Her entire life streamed right before her very eyes as her thoughts drifted into many portions of memories that were etched to her heart and soul.
Dead silence.
There was nothing she could do as she lost her balance, her heart sinking deep in the process.