This is for you..

A Writer in Disguise.


– You, who walk on the street with your chin up high,
Pride, possession, with a little rage in your eyes.

– You, don’t let them come near,
Showing the world you don’t need anyone and have no fear .

– All these people, who see you being so strong,
They admire you being the rock solid, “you don’t need anyone”
Oh thats so wrong.

– Being so strong is the only thing you’ve ever known,
You’ve been doing all this on your own.

– So what happens to that invincibility, once you crawl into bed at night?
Where does all that courage go and why do you shiver with fright

– why do you need someone to be there in your blues?
You’d be a mess like THIS. No one has the clue.

– Please, dear soul. Don’t be so hard on yourself.
Scream. Cry. Let it out. Once…

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