Sometimes When I Open My Mouth My MOTHER comes out! #ProudToBeMyMum

A Writer in Disguise.

“To the Woman who showed me how to be an independent and strong  woman.”

You are the woman who gave life to me, the woman who brought me into this World, the woman who raised me, nurtured me, fed me, taught me and disciplined the hell out of me when I got out of line (more often than not).

“And I realized, when you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.”

My mother is something if I start writing about, I know for a fact that I’ll never stop. I can talk about her 24/7, 365 days straight. And believe me I CAN and never get tired.  *Shrugs*  She is like that!!!

She is that one person who could get me through anything whether it was good or bad. She gives me the strength to speak my mind, and the courage to face anything head on…

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