Leaving it all behind

The cheers and chatters slowly died as he walked away from the wedding hall, towards the beautiful beach. They were replaced by the waves roaring, hitting on the cliffs and this was where he found inner peace, where he could feel every single emotion running high, with each element of the beach roaring in acceptance. Time flew by and the sky slowly turned into a bleeding shade of dusk, which was soon followed by the sounds of footsteps. He didn’t move a muscle.

“Sorry I missed the ceremony…”
“Your sister..?” he asked, without turning his head
“Yeah” she said in a slow voice as she nodded her head in approval.

“There was a time when I thought this was my fault. That I had brought this darkness upon us. Now I know it is not my fault.”, he said.

“It is my responsibility.” he said after a pause.

“Responsibility to do what?”

“To end it.” he said after taking a deep breath.
“I’m going to leave the city.”

“But that is not the last option you ha…”

“It doesn’t matter.” he said. “It doesn’t matter anymore. What matters now is that neither of us were strong enough to hold on to each other.”

She walked closer to him as she whispered:
“Is there anything that I can do for you?”

“I just want be left alone.”

She wanted to say something but just managed with “Good.” and left.

He walked a few paces ahead and bent down, hot tears streaming down his face as he carved a name on the beach sand. He stood up, not taking his eyes out of the carving…It was her name.

This was the name of the only girl he had loved his entire life.

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