The world and its expectations

As tired and irritated anyone would be after a day’s hard work and facing so many people and what could possibly be a very bad day, I entered home and greeted my family politely, straight away going for a shower. I needed silence, some time to clear my head so that I could spend the rest of the day with them, happy.

And yet, it isn’t wrong if I demand my personal space. When I want to be all alone, in the dark and the silence. However, I could hear them all.

“Zyada dimaagh tou nahi kharaab hogaya iska?”

“Sarr pe charh gayi hai iskay koi.”
“Laazim kisi larki ne iskay dimaagh pe ghera liya hua hai.”

Little did they know that I was facing a hell lot. No.
I wasn’t out of my mind.
Nobody’s on my mind.
And I wasn’t involved with any one.

They mention her name. Names. Names that come back to kill me on the inside. They throw me back to the paths of my past and they expect me to smile and be all cheery about it.
The days are pretty rough and at this hour of stress, I would need a helping hand. A support system or even a lap where I could rest my head and forget about the things that occupy my mind as it poisons my head.

The world is expecting me to create a larger entity, a universe out of my path.