The Riverside Reflection

It was all said and done, it was all over. It felt like he had lost a part of himself with everything. The people around him pointed out the fact that he was an entirely different person now, with this huge change. He devoted his entire time and energy to work and succeeding, slowly becoming sleep deprived. With his sleep, he also lost his appetite. All of these are worldly desires, he thought. Sleep, food, needs. And that one thing that truly eluded him…that he wanted the most in his life.

“I’m sorry. But this is over.”

The words were as impactful as they were, the first time they hit his ears. Even worse, there was nothing that could be done about that now.

Everything was perfect. They were engaged, the family was happy and they were preparing for the wedding ceremony. A slight disagreement between the women of the two sides led to this.. Their engagement was called off.

The desire to fight for it worsened when he had to pick sides, with the latter’s mother being on the other end. Torn and squeezed between the barriers of family and a future family, the hard choice had to be taken.

The house was empty, of course. It had to be and it will be empty, for him. It was his hard work, combined in one. What would’ve been a home for everyone that he loved and cared about. It was standing there, large in stature but quite tiny in his heart. It meant nothing to him now, following the aftermath of his engagement being called off. He shut the door behind him and looked at it one last time before glancing at the riverside. His reflection rippled into sight as he bent and was surrounded by thoughts and voice overs.

“I have worked hard all my life to raise you.”

“I still get proposals. My father can find me a worthy and suitable husband.”

“It is your own family that comes first, she isn’t your family yet. Why are you bothered?”

“So you’re not getting married?”

“You’re an amazing human being.”

“You were never like this before. And this is you before you’re even getting married.”

“I didn’t have a choice when I got married. You don’t have one too.”

“I can’t imagine what you’d be after you’ll get married.”

“How could you forget your mother and your sister? The ones that helped raise you.”

“If you aren’t listening to your fiancée right now, what makes me think that I’m going to be a happy wife?”

These thoughts and questions alike, ripped through his brain. This was an emotional storm, an emotional disaster.

The house was on sale. It was pointless for that house to exist in his lifetime if his family wasn’t there. His reflection looked back at him and all he could see was a different person. How one bad hour changes a person, forever. He had been in the darkness before, but that was with rays and beacons of hope, exposed. This right here, was the true darkness. A black hole. A never ending entity of misery.

The sky darkened infront of his very eyes, in a matter of seconds. No. He was lost in thought and transition. The cloud created in his head had taken his sights away from the obvious…

He shut the book as he could feel the sensation hitting him and he rested his head. The journey felt longer than usual. He was returning home after 2 years.

Moments by moments…choices upon choices.

“You hardly find time to talk to me.”

“My work schedule is tough. Don’t worry, it’ll be fine in some time.”

“If this is your work schedule now, what about it in the future? When we are married?”

Little did everyone know that he was sacrificing it all. For a better future. He was sacrificing his sleep, his needs to ensure that the future remained fruitful. And yet, it wasn’t acknowledged. Nor appreciated. A six month engagement, down the drain.

“There is no future with you. There can never be.”

In the end, nothing mattered. Those sweet words. The appreciation. The caring nature. That future planning. The good time spent. The love shared. None of it.

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