That sight of her smiling, enjoying the breeze as it touched her skin was beyond words. Despite being through everything, she still had a smile over her face. That very pale face that had once grieved over a person who did not deserve a gem. It was yesterday when she had walked by, wanting to talk about something. She was hurt and hurt badly but it was not the time to discuss about hurt feelings. Her neck showing signs of torture throughout and at that instant, I had lost it. She just kept me from leaving, explaining that revenge was not meant for the good. And when I looked at her face, I could see that she was the bravest girl I had ever known in my life.

A trip down memory lane as we remembered our old times and silly things that were done in school. Running after each other and every kind of childish stuff young best friends would do, together. Somewhere between this phase, we grew up.

*fast forward to the present day*

And now it had come to this, I would do everything for her to stay happy, at the expense of my own..buried feelings. She couldn’t hold it and burst to tears, right away. It was his duty to keep her happy now as he hugged her tightly. “It will be OK, it will be alright.” he said, trying to reassure her. His gaze fell upon the bleeding dusk sky as he murmured.. “It will be…okay.” thinking about his recently abandoned feelings for her…