Food, how much of it is wasted.

Even though this picture below was not captured by me, it says a lot of words. It never fails to disgust  me that how people would buy expensive food, leave it without finishing it and go on to waste it. We know that there are many people out there in the World who die out of hunger on a daily basis.


So right before you plan to throw away leftover food, think once. Give it a thought hundred times. There are other people in the world craving for every grain of it, every drop of water, while we have everything, yet waste it. THINK AGAIN.


How i feel about the waves and how it feels for me.

I had my voice, my voice that would tell you what i am, how i am.
Now that i am gone, you’re wishing i could have stayed back, that voice can’t be heard now, isn’t it too late to bow?
The end is just a mile away, well did we expect this one day?
I found the answers, way before you even asked for it. What is this supposed to be?
My last call, my final fall?

Here the waves roar, they understand me , they know me.
That’s the only sound i wanna hear now, that’s the only thing i want to feel for now. The waves and the wind, both speak my language. The language of sorrow.