The Two ‘Rahmats (Blessings)’ : Rain and the Birth of Daughters.


On the 6th of April 2013, i got news from a very dear friend. That news brought a smile on every body’s face. His elder sister, a close friend too was blessed with a very beautiful daughter..Masha’Allah. So today’s topic is about.. Daughters. And how they are a blessing to a person’s life.


However on the 6th of April 2013, another form of ‘rahmat’ was sent down to Earth, it had started raining in the UAE. These two are one of the few forms of ‘Rahmat’ from our Lord. People should understand, that daughters are not a burden, they are a blessing.

In older days, daughters were considered a curse, whenever people were informed that they have been blessed with a daughter, their faces would darken and a shade of disbelief took over their very faces.  The fruit of raising daughters righteously is reward in this life before reward in the Hereafter. That itself proves it that a man who raises his daughter, teaches her and provides her with clothing, food , shelter and then gets her married has indeed got himself a key to the Jannah (Paradise).

So don’t start wishing that you wanted a son and moan about it. What you have to do is rejoice at the birth of a daughter and earn the way to Paradise. Indeed every one does have desires to have a son, but keeping that aside, you will surely get a son if you have Faith in Allah, for now, work hard on trying to get the fruit.


What it was and what it is now, the city of Karachi,

What it was and what it is now, the city of Karachi,

Karachi is the biggest city in Pakistan, formerly known as ‘The City of Lights’, however due to some undesirable events taking place, it have now evolved into the ‘City of Blood’ or the ‘City of Problems’ i have been there, in fact i have lived there for a few months and was always going over to Karachi during my holidays every single year. But the recent actions, all the blasts and shootouts done by the ‘Na maaloom afraad’ has always lowered our reputation, the reputation of our city.

There was a time when people used to go out, without any fear, they would hit the centres, thalaas and all. Sitting there eating pani puri, ice-cream, burgers, kababs and lots of stuff that people would love to enjoy. Fast forward, 5 years later, its in ruins. Blood, bullets, dead bodies, people are scared, petrified, people have lost their loved ones. Someone has lost their father, someone has lost their brother, someone has LOST THEIR KID. Someone has lost the only person that used to work hard, earn money and keep the house going. The question here is what are you going to get by killing people? Destroying families? How can you not tremble? Before killing anyone. Thing is, you don’t have a heart, would you like it if i took your son and pointed a gun at him, with you tied with bonds and not being able to move? How is that sight going to be like? Do you have second thoughts when you are jamming a gun to their face. Don’t you ever have mercy on the people crying for their lost ones to wake up? And what can we do about it? Kids are being kidnapped from their schools and molested badly. Is this what our Deen has taught us? Is this what Mohammad Ali Jinnah wanted? To see his city in ruins? No, its time for change. Actions do speak louder than words, but what are we going to do about it? NOTHING. Sit behind our little screens and just talk about how its hurting other people. But that’s the best we can do, what we now want is someone to stand up, stand up against all these assaults, target killings and divert this city back to what it was, truly the City of Lights.

I have not yet lost hope.

The 1st of every April. The Day of the Fools



April 1st, *sigh*. You know what it is. This day is well known as the  ‘April Fools Day. Its nothing new, from throwing buckets of water to stuffing something gross into someone’s pants, people have in that fashion, pulled the biggest of pranks just like that. There is nothing new , people make a fool out of themselves every single freakin day of their freakin life, yes nothing new. People themselves are a joke, i mean do you only fool them on the 1st of April? No you fool your parents, your friends and all the people you know every single day of your life by lies, acts.  Its similar like Valentines day, so don’t make a fool out of yourself and stop being a foolish jerk. Its time to put an end to this unwanted trend of nothing. Imagine if a person has his Birthday in reality on that day, people would make a fool out of him, on HIS FREAKIN BIRTHDAY. WOULD you like it if it ever happened to you? Think about it and its time to end this good for nothing nonsense soon enough. Enough said. April Fools Day hater right here. K. Bye.